Perple_X data files should be downloaded from the most recent archive (e.g., at

The following link provides a statically linked 64 bit LINUX version of Perple_X (courtesy of Ondrej Lexa, Charles University, Prague) that is updated daily at 02:30 GMT+1 (do not use the data files included in this archive, see above)

If you are concerned that current version of the sources may not have compiled correctly refer to:

If you want to verify that you are using the current (release) version of Perple_X, then compare the source date printed to the user console when any Perple_X program is executed with the last update in If the binary sources are older than the last source update, then please contact me (james dot connolly at erdw dot ethz dot ch) and I will correct the problem.

The above link provides you with the latest release version of Perple_X, Ondrej's script also compiles the current development version. The development version can be accessed from:

Do not use the development version unless you have a good reason to believe it is appropriate for your purposes.