Why Perple_X '06?



English Abstract


There are new versions of the Perple_X programs BUILD, WERAMI and VERTEX (Perple_X '06). These perform almost identically to the old versions, but have the advantage that they can be used with Holland & Powell's van Laar model for reciprocal solutions (e.g., the amphibole model of Dale et al., 2005 JMG). The primary disadvantage of the new versions is that they incorporate some major internal changes that were introduced for other purposes and these changes may have also generated new bugs. To use the new version install the most recent version of Perple_X '05 and then overwrite the programs BUILD, WERAMI and VERTEX with the appropriate versions from Perple_X '06 (in or (link for old versions, etc.) LINUX versions are in bin_06 in



Perple_X has lurched a step closer to adaptive optimization and although that future is still far from being realized, the intermediate version has two major advantages, and three disadvantages, over the relatively stable Perple_X '05 version that may make it worth using:

  1. Perple_X '06 can treat all of Holland & Powell's most recent Van Laar solution models (Perple_X '05 cannot treat reciprocal Van Laar models).

  2. In mode 2 calculations, WERAMI_06 allows the user to specify compositional criteria to choose which phase of an immiscible pair is to be used for plotting (previously the properties of immiscible phases were averaged).

  3. Perple_X '06 reformulates solution models with missing endmembers, this may have undesirable consequences.

  4. For the moment, Perple_X '06 cannot read the solution model file format used in the files solut.dat and old_solut.dat.

  5. Perple_X '06 is likely to have many new bugs.

Using Perple_X '06

At present Perple_X '06 consists of three programs, BUILD, WERAMI and VERTEX that can be downloaded from

These versions have been compiled with optimization and with parameters chosen for large problems (1 million pseudocompounds, requiring ca 1.2 Gb of RAM or virtual memory). All other files and programs should be taken from the most recent version of Perple_X '05.