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NOTE: As of July 2011, Perple_X 6.6.6+ is the default version of the Perple_X. An unfortunate consequence of the change in versions is that most of the examples and tutorials referred to here are out of date. The out-of-date examples and tutorials are, in most cases, useful because the basic information passed between the various programs has not changed although many of the prompts have been eliminated or reordered.


External Tutorials

1As of the 6.8.6 revision (January 24, 2019), the auto_refine_factor_X (X = I..III) options have been made redundant by the specification of an auto-refine stage value in the initial_resolution option. To implement changes to the auto_refine_factor_X suggested in these notes in the current version of Perple_X, set the second value of the initial_resolution option equal to the old_initial_resolution/auto_refine_factor_X, where old_initial_resolution is the value of initial_resolution used in the notes.

2As of the 6.7.4 revision (July 11, 2017), calculations of chemographies, iso-potential phase diagram sections, and Schreinemakers projections using Perple_X's original convexhull optimization strategy are done in the program CONVEX rather than in the program VERTEX as is suggested in these notes. If the current version of VERTEX is used for such a calculation, the user is automatically directed to use CONVEX.

Web-based Documentation and Tutorials:

Option files:

Data files:

How Perple_X works:



Flow charts of program structure:


Neither of the pages linked below is updated frequently, it is probably more useful to browse perplex/examples.

Other Documentation:

The original technical documentation (vdoc.pdf) is a potpourri of different kinds of information on topics such as the equations of state implemented in Perple_X for compounds and solutions and the structure of various Perple_X data files. The technical documentation is not up-to-date and it is not a useful document for Perple_X novices.

Related external programs and scripts

Plotting WERAMI (tab/phm file) output:

Utilities to facilitate running Perple_X:

Mineral Physics:


Geophysics, Geodynamics, Astrophysics:


Scripts for pre-6.6.6 versions of Perple_X:

Perple_X 07:

Perple_X 06:

Elementary Phase Diagram Principles (PS/ZIP):

These are notes prepared, with emphasis on elementary, for short courses some decades ago. The first part deals with some basic thermodynamic principles, especially G-X diagrams. The second part offers a brief out-of-date comparison of computational methods, and elaborates on aspects of Perple_X algorithms.

Some Papers Related to Perple_X:

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